Tenchi Screen Saver Clip Replacement Program
Click here to find out why your copy of the Tenchi Screen Saver doesn't work.

All clips are available.

NOTE: Clip 264 should be installed in module Misc 1, NOT in Misc 2. Once again, Software Sculptors messed up and duplicated a few clip numbers. (There is a clip 263 and 264 in Misc 1, as well as a clip 263 and 264 in Misc 2, but they are different clips, and still function separately.)
Defective Clips on CD-ROM:

Aeka Clips: 211, 234
Tenchi Clips: 114, 125, 135
Mihoshi Clips: 287, 288
Misc 1 Clips: 255, 256, 257, 264
Misc 2 Clips: 265, 266, 267
Misc 3 Clips: 274, 275, 276, 277, 278, 279
Ryoko Clips: 145, 146, 147, 156, 157, 158, 167
Sasami Clips: 244, 245
Washu Clips: 218

All clips are available.

Tenchi:114 125 135
Aeka: 211 234
Mihoshi: 287 288
Misc 1: 255 256 257 264 (See above note)
Misc 2: 265 266 267
Misc 3: 274 275 276 277 278 279
Ryoko: 145 146 147 156 157 158 167
Sasami: 244 245
Washu: 218

Comments or questions can be sent to me at GenSao@gensao.com.

Why the Tenchi Screen Saver doesn't work
Software Sculptures screwed up and forgot to flatten some of the quicktime clips, thus making them unplayable on anything but a Macintosh. There is nothing different between my disk, that does work, and other peoples' disks that have problems. The only difference is that I happen to be using a Mac. So if you have a disk with broken clips I'm guessing you use a PC and if you put your disk into a Mac you could see those broken clips.

How to get your own working clips with out
having to download them

Basically you can take your disk to a Mac that has a CDrom drive. Open the folder called Mac Modules, on the TENCHI CD, in this folder you'll find a lot of other folders that contain the QT clips. Double clicking on one of the clips will launch movieplayer (assuming it's on the computer). under file/save as... click make movie self contained and click make playable on non-macs. Then just click on save. Now how you get the clips back to your PC is your problem. Just remember that both PC floppies and PC zip disks are read and writeable by a mac.

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